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Just my luck

Andreia is a normal girl, if you forget the fact that she’s the unluckiest girl in the world. Tired of her life, she leaves her home and goes to another town. But of course things don’t go as planned. Andreia meets Jason, who is a pain in the ass and very cold to her. She finds herself stuck in the biggest problem of her life, with nowhere to turn.


Interesting enough.

For those of you new to "Just my luck", this comic is being published on a Portuguese newspaper called "Barcelos Popular", under the name "Que sorte a minha".
As it's only available for Portugese people mostly, I decided to post it on the web for everyone else.

Two pages a week since February 2nd, 2006, that's our publishing rate. We're already on pages 128 & 129.
This comic is near it's end as it will be over on page 138.
We intend on getting published in comic book form and if you have the chance, please read it through the newspaper and purchse it when it comes out. If not, just enjoy it here and tells us your opinion.

If you have any fanart or just wanna talk to us, send an email to dgstudios@portugalmail.pt

Please visit the main page with cast info and other goodies at Dreamgazer studios

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